The Absheron Logistics Center, located in the heart of the historic Silk Road, is the first private logistics center having international standards and integration in Azerbaijan. The center is located in the village of Lokbatan, Garadagh district of Baku. The total area of ​​its operation is 65.7 hectares.
 Convenient and comfortable road location allows you to directly access the main road transport routes of the terminal and quickly get to your destination.
 Thanks to modern technology, powerful infrastructure capabilities and high quality service, we provide safe, fast and reliable logistic support.
For containers are intended:
– Total area – 15,000 m².
– Gantry crane area:
– There are 2 lines with a total length of 600 m each 300 m
– Warehouse under the Gantry Crane – 14,000 m²
– 60 wagons are taken in and unloaded at the same time
– At the same time, it can hold about 1800 containers
 “Given the area outside the Gantry Crane, there are about 600 containers for using a reach stacker and additional storage space for about 2,400 containers.
– Security
– Customs Service
– Storage Service
– Transport Service


Mersin is one of the most important ports in Turkey – more than 23 piers and docks form a port of 786,000 m² with a capacity of more than 3,800 ships. The port of Mersin allows sea communication with more than 100 international ports. In Mersin, many industries are developed.
 Mersin is also part of the Trans-Caspian transport route. Considering all these factors, our company “KDY Logistics” decided to open its next branch in the city of Mersin. Thanks to this branch we make a great contribution to the development of international trade, as well as international relations.
 The capacity of the terminal in Mersin is 100 cars. Simultaneous loading capacity of the terminal is designed for 56 cars. The number of lanes in the terminal is 16. There is also 1 wagon loading terminal and 1 wagon repair terminal.


The Astara Terminal in the Islamic Republic of Iran is part of the North-South Transport Corridor. The North-South transport corridor is designed to connect Northern Europe with Southeast Asia, including the railways of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia. In Iran, transit should provide the Astara-Rasht-Qazvin line under construction.
 The availability of a terminal in Astara (Iran) is key and important for KDY Logistics. This terminal helps to provide continuous service to our customers.
 Total area – 35 hectares
 The capacity of the terminal in Astara is 200 cars. Simultaneous loading capacity of the terminal is designed for 120 cars. The number of lanes in the terminal is 8. There is also 1 wagon loading terminal and 1 wagon repair terminal. At the same time, it can hold about 1500 containers.


Kutum – the railway station of the Astrakhan branch of the Volga railway on the Astrakhan – Kizlyar line. The station is located in the city, in the Soviet district of the city of Astrakhan. Passenger commuter and freight traffic is carried out. Suburban transportations to Astrakhan II, Oleinikovo, AGPZ (GPP), Artesian, Aksaraiskaya II are carried out through the station. Kutum is a large cargo station with 16 public routes, which are adjacent to 26 access roads of enterprises.
 Commercial operations performed in the port:
– acceptance and delivery of carload shipments of cargo (open areas);
– acceptance and delivery of wagon and small shipments (access roads);
– acceptance and delivery of freight carriages (covered warehouses);
– reception and delivery of goods in universal containers.
Our company in Astrakhan also has a barn with an area of ​​500 hectares. The Kutumsky railways have 15 km of their own railways. The port also has all the conditions for unloading and loading containers. The port includes a warehouse with an area of ​​50 thousand square meters. In addition to all this, there are 100 wagons in the port, both private and leased. Customs in the port is open 24 hours a day.